The History of The Bluffs

Half a century ago, the MacLennan family purchased a small cattle ranch on the banks of the Kiowa creek.

“Russell, Dave, and Sue,

Thank you so much for the warm and generous hospitality yesterday. It is easy to see why The Bluffs has such a great reputation. The food was delicious, the conversation was enjoyable, informative, and educational. The overall experience was second to none.”

They named it Valhalla Ranch “Home of the champions”, and began to raise cattle. Before long, the cattle began to live up to that name. Twenty years later they added a second grazing property to their holdings some 20 miles further east, near Byers Colorado. This second property was destined to become The Bluff’s.

In 1989 at the suggestion of many of their bird hunting friends, the MacLennans converted the home ranch into a private hunting preserve known today as Valhalla Bijou, it is recognized as one of the states finest private hunting operations in the state of Colorado.

In 2002, in order to accommodate the large number of hunters who prefer the experience of wild bird hunting, we opened the majority of the Bijou Ranch to a select group of sportsmen. We have created the most realistic wild bird hunt you can have on a preserve. This is made possible by the vast amount of land, sustained wild bird populations, and accommodations that make a two-three day hunt feasible.

The Bluffs staff includes superior guides, an experienced game management team, and a great cook.